formulated to work with all fuel types

Increase MPG

Increase the vehicle's mileage performance in all types of fuel. Tested, proven and patented formula to extend  driving range

Eco Fuel Saver restructures the long-chained fuel into shorter chains to burn more completely and efficiently, providing the the vehicle with more energy to go further on the same amount of fuel.

Octane Level

Eco Fuel Saver increases octane level in gasoline by 5 or more levels

More complete combustion of gasoline produces more energy to power your vehicle without loss of performance. 

No need to buy premium gasoline, saving money and eliminating knocking and pinging

Fuel Combustion

Increase combustion results in a cleaner burning fuel and less harmful tailpipe gasses

Harmful greenhouse gasses and diesel particulate matter (DPM) in diesel fuel is better for the environment and health

With efficient and complete combustion, less fuel is needed to power the vehicle 

Engine running temperature is cooler, extending the life of the engine 

Saves money on fuel costs 


Eco Fuel Saver added to fuel, minimize the friction in the vehicle's engine and reduce damage to the moving engine surfaces

A fuel additive that introduces lubricity protects the function and longevity of the engine.

Why use Eco Fuel Saver

1. Increase miles per gallon
2. Increases combustion, fuel efficiency and performance
3. Reduce harmful exhaust
4. Saves money on fuel cost

See how Eco-Fuel Saver works

Formulated to work with all fuel types:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eco Fuel Saver was formulated to enhance a more complete burn of all types of hydrocarbon fuels.


Most of the liquid fuel additives on the market today are actually engine and/or injector “cleaners”. Super Eco-Fuel Saver, on the other hand, is not an engine cleaner but A TRUE FUEL MILEAGE ENHANCING PRODUCT. Not only does it increase mileage in old, carbon encrusted engines, but it also increases mileage in brand new engines with no carbon deposits built up within them.

Just pour it in your tank prior to filling up. 1 oz (30 mL) of Eco-Fuel Saver will treat up to 40 gallons of gasoline and 15 gallons of diesel fuel. We recommended using a double dose the first time you use Eco-Fuel Saver as it will help your vehicle’s computer to respond more quickly to the enhanced fuel quality. After this initial double dose, just 1oz per 40 gallons of gasoline and 15 gallons of diesel.

Yes, Eco-Fuel Saver has to be added at each fill up in order to reformulate the molecular structure of your fuel.

Exceeding the recommended dosage will not harm your engine.

No. As a matter of fact, it will increase engine life and performance as it burns the fuel cooler and more completely, therefore reducing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, valves, manifolds and exhaust.

No. Super Eco-Fuel Saver DOES NOT contain any ingredients that would void your warranty or harm your engine.

Yes, EFS reduces NOx in the combustion chamber, cleans the exhaust system, allowing the DEF filters to stay cleaner longer, and use less DEF fluid.


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Vehicle Types for Eco Fuel Saver

Eco-Fuel Saver can be used safely in any machine that utilizes an internal combustion engine that burns fossil fuels: cars, SUV’s, light and heavy duty trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, buses, trains, ocean going ships, tractors, boats, lawn mowers